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Montfort College Primary Section

      Montfort College Primary Section is a Thai private school administered by the Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand.  Established in 1932, Montfort College Primary Section presently has 2,389 students, 204 Thai teachers and 35 foreign teachers. The school boasts of two educational programs – the Intensive English program and the English program from Grades 1 to 6. As of academic year 2011-2012, Grades 1-4 are already co-educational while Grades 5-6 remain exclusive for boys. With a history spanning 81 years, Montfort College remains to be one of the leading schools in Chiang Mai and in the northern region of Thailand.

      The school aims to develop students with universal knowledge and the ability to keep pace with changes and advances in the academic world, as well as to instill an appreciation of the enriching value of religion.

The school’s educational philosophy strongly abides by the 2 main principles of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort’s philosophy.

  1. The purpose of man's existence is the quest and acquisition of the truth and love and the search for it as the source of life and all knowledge.
  2. The belief that man justifies himself and his existence through noble works; diligence and perseverance conquer all things and bring about achievement in life, hence it is expressed by the motto:
                   LABOR OMNIA VINCIT (Work Conquers All)

      The Vision of Montfort College and the Brothers of St. Gabriel Foundation in Thailand is to offer young people and the wider community of Thailand an education of excellent quality. It believes in uniting students, families, staff, alumni and the Brothers themselves in a concerted effort aimed at the development of a high quality of life in all aspects. The Foundation seeks to do this in accordance with Gospel values under the guidance of St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s charism.

Brief History

      The Brothers of St. Gabriel came to Chiang Mai and established Montfort College in 1932 along Charoen Prathet Road on a 5-acre (20,000 m2) plot of land provided by Bishop Peross who also gave financial assistance without interest. The land was located along the Ping River, which is approximately 200 metres away from the Sacred Heart Church. Montfort School officially opened its first academic year on 16 March 1932. Fr. Reunemenier was the Manager, Brother Simon as its first Director, Brother Ambrosio as the vice-Director and Brother Louis as the person in charge for the construction of new buildings.

      Since then, every year there were significant improvements in the school’s structures while adjoining pieces of land were bought to accommodate the growing needs of the school. The enrollment gradually increased as the school started to gain fame.   The academic year of 1949 marked the opening of the secondary section of Montfort College. Over the years, Montfort College gained approval from the Ministry of Education and different commissions that attest to the high quality of education provided by the school. There were also many students who received various prestigious awards.

      In 1970, Montfort College was officially divided into two sections – the Montfort College Primary Section and the Montfort College Secondary Section. In the same year, the primary section moved to a new campus located along Changkhlan Road while the secondary section remained in the already existing campus. The school was originally exclusive for boys from primary to secondary levels, but in 1975 the school opened its doors to admit girls at its Secondary Section from levels 10-12. It was only 34 years after when the Primary Section started to admit girls in 2009.

      In 1985, the primary section transferred to the site along Charoenprathet Road after 15 years of staying in the campus in Changkhlan Road. In the same year, the secondary section moved to a new campus along Mahidol Road in Tambon Tasala. Since then, Montfort College Primary Section has been housed in the Charoenprathet campus, where it continues to provide its students a “life-long learning”.

The St. Gabriel’s Foundation

      Montfort College forms part of a bigger institute, which is dedicated to the promotion of education, called The St. Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand (FSG). This foundation is run by Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, otherwise known as Gabrielite Brothers.  The Brothers of St. Gabriel, as it is commonly known, is a secular religious institute under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church. Its roots go back to Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, who opened a few schools for poor children in La Rochelle, France, in about 1711.

After the French Revolution, the congregation amalgamated under the guidance of Father Gabriel Deshayes into the Brothers they are today. The name of "Saint Gabriel" stems from the dedication of the first chapel of the congregation.

      The institute's main concern is Christian education, especially for the poor, orphans and the physically challenged. Other organizations inspired by Montfortian ideals are the Company of Mary and the Daughters of Wisdom. The 'Associates' is a lay association linked to the Gabrielites and similarly inspired by Montfortian spirituality.

      One of the examples of institutions run by FSG is Assumption University (better known as ABAC from its former name of Assumption Business Administration College), which was the first university in Thailand to offer all classes in the English language. To date, there are 17 educational institutions all over Thailand that are owned and managed by FSG.

      Montfort College Primary School, like all the other 16 schools of FSG, embraces the following principles as its educational philosophy:


The school aims at…

  1. preparing students through the acquisition of knowledge and skills at primary and secondary levels, which will be a good foundation for their future and further quest for knowledge in the concept of lifelong education
  2. inculcating in the students’ minds right attitudes, right precepts of religion and moral principles, which will guide them in their world of reality in order that they may be able to make decisions with intelligence and wisdom and know how to solve conflicts and problems through peaceful means as responsible members of society and the world at large.

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